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It always takes more effort to find something else to do, than to keep doing what you were doing.

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GameInformer took points off of X and Y’s review score because it ‘still feels like a Pokemon game’

Well what the fuck do they expect it to feel like


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Zac had a shitty day.


Long story short, Zac Campbell had a pretty shitty night recently… Ill spare you the details, but he was DJing in a small club for a DJ competition, and after he left his gig, gear in hand… he was attacked with a knife, stabbed 3 times, bitten, and beat the fuck up. All because some asshole wanted…

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studies show there’s a 100% chance of sex if u send these to your crush on valentine’s day trust me i’m a scientist

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Christopher Columbus


Christopher Columbus

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Banana Knuckles (organic edible brass knuckles) with mp3 player

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"Why do you do these things to me?"


"Why do you do these things to me?"

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